Welcome to YIWU CANVAS TRADING CO., LTD official website. We are a leading trading and service company based in Yiwu. We offer various of services to fullfill our customers’ needs. Our specialization is in Product Sourcing from Yiwu International Trade City. To make our customers’ business easy we have designed several primary service, such as:

  • Inspection and Quality Control – To make sure that supplier will load the agreed item under agreed conditions.
  • Warehousing – To give to a customer to fill his “mixed”container with the goods from different suppliers. 
  • Container Shipping  – We arrange the container and send it to the supplier for loading, then to the destination port

Services designed for e-commrce platform sellers:

  • Branding – To make customer able to purchasse the small quantity, so we do the repacking with customer logo on it
  • Fulfillment – We provide our warehouse for FBA model businesses and handle the shipping and provide on time tracking numbers

Financial services:

  • Money transfer – If seeking for cheap price, then need to order directly from small factories who does not have foreign currency accounts
  • Money exchange – RMB with better exchange rate


Our services are suitable for anyone whose business requires actions related to China. Provided services are ideal for any business model, from large corporations such as manufacturing or construction companies to small retail selling points.
As an owner of a business, your goal is to increase your profit and decrease your expenses. By exporting the “product” of your needs from China, you can significantly reduce the cost of your product or service. To do so, you do not need to be professional in international trading or have a “friend” in China. Let us know the product of your need, and we will do the job!
Nowadays, e-commerce is booming, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more marketplaces attract enthusiasts to make their first steps into financial independence. As an observer of those changes in the e-commerce world, we have designed services that make the model of business “zero risked” and “hassle-free.”
Check out our “Services” page to be more familiar with us and with our services. For any additional information, leave your message on the contact form or text by WhatsApp.