Nowadays, in this digitalized world, wholesale markets are growing as ever been, Yiwu International Trade Market (Futian) is the largest one of them in the world.

The main advantage of the physical marketplace over the digital is “feeling-effect,” touching the product is far better than seeing it through the screen. Talking face-to-face with the supplier is the best way to know him/her better as a partner (yes, you two become a partner; you both have a benefit from the deal).

The most significant advantage is the ability to check the item from different suppliers, there are tens, even hundreds of them with the same thing. You can check them one by one, compare the quality and price.

Our Product Sourcing service will change all “you” to “we “from the above paragraph. Give us your requirements, and we do market research about the product, search it from the market, make a list of suppliers with prices and other details. You can choose the perfect supplier by yourself according to the information we provide.

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