Inspection And Quality Control

It is evident that the “Made in China” goods are inexpensive and guarantee higher profit for Amazon sellers. But on the other hand, Chinese goods have a “low quality” reputation. There are several reasons for that, low price, working conditions of the workers, the massive amount of orders which need to finish before the deadline. The language barrier can be one reason, and manager can not fully understand the customer’s requirements.
First of all, it makes the Amazon sellers worry about bad reviews and refunds. It may cost them refunds, negative reviews, or the worst is the account suspension. Customers hire so-called third party “Inspectors” to avoid the possible problems to make sure that the factory has followed all the requirements.

The Inspection Process

1. The process starts with the filling the blanks

  • Company name of the factory or supplier
  • Address of the factory
  • Name and mobile number of the manager
  • Your company name or name by which you introduced yourself to the manager
  • Description and the specifications of the product (size, weight, dimensions, photos and all other required information)
  • The labels (provide the template if you have)
  • Packing requirements (the quantity in one package and one carton, dimensions of each)
  • The quantity of the order
  • The required quantity which needs to inspect
  • All other details which may be useful

After receiving the details, we calculate the cost and time needed for the current inspection

2. We contact the manager, decide the date and time of the inspection. We book the ticket and hotel (if it requires) and inform you about the time

3. The inspection process

  • Inspection starts as soon as our inspector arrives at the factory. 
  • Inspector takes the photos with product details, the condition of the factory, warehouse, and the workers for the further report
  • Inspector analyzes the production capacity of the current factory, monitors the behavior of the manager and the workers
  • Inspector can inspect all the order, or randomly pick up the batch (if given the inspection percentage)
  • Chooses the perfect sample for the reference or uses the sample provided by the client
  • Makes the detailed photos of the product details for the further photo report
  • Detects the defects and errors, notes it for the further report

During the inspection, the inspector stays online by Skype or WhatsApp with the client and shows the defects and gets feedback if the sample is acceptable or counts as a defected

4. Sorting

  • Inspector starts to check the samples one by one and categorize it as “acceptable” and “defected” with the assistance of the client
  • If the defected sample is fixable, then the workers fix it right away, it can not correct or fix, inspector labels them as a “defected.”

5. Full report

  • After the inspection we provide the report with photos and videos

Please contact us if you have any more questions about the inspection

There is no standard price for the inspection service; it varies by the location, time and other requirements

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