Product Sourcing

We offer Product Sourcing service from Yiwu International Trade City, 1688, and from the local known and unknown markets to help our customers to find better price and quality combination.
It’s never been easier to find suppliers from China and do direct business with them. But by doing so, you might have faced some difficulties and uncertainty on the supplier. There might appear many “what if?” questions, the worst is to receive your order with different color/size/type and other defects.
By analyzing the situation around the B2B platforms, we concluded that we could be useful for the consumer or the business owner to manage their business with more confidence and with “low” or even “no” risk.
It might be necessary for your business to have your own “partner” to handle your orders. The job of the partner is to understand your demand and requirements, then find the ideal supplier. Finding the manufacturer is only the first step. There is still a need to monitor the production process.
By providing these services, we become your local partner and guarantee you low risk on your business with China.

The sourcing process starts after your inquire, in which you should provide the specifications of item you are willing to buy

Yiwu International Trade Market is the first option for sourcing because it gives several advantages over online platforms.

  • The ability to check the real product from the tens of suppliers
  • To compare the price, quality and other conditions with different suppliers at the same time
  • The location of the factories at most in half an hour distance, which gives a chance to control the whole production process

By following your requirements, we visit the showrooms one by one and get the perfect price and quality.

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